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We like dogs. Who doesn't?
Diogie is a brand for dog lovers. Fashion, design and our furry friends... what could be better? 

Our Goal.
Every dog family knows the feeling that comes with owning a furry kid. They fill your life with love, loyalty, fur, farts and smiles (in no specific order). We're hoping that through our business, we can make a significant difference by donating a percentage of our proceeds to the shelters and foster organizations that need our help. 

How you can help.
The more we sell, the more we donate! Whether you're taking a long walk, going to a brewery or lounging on the couch, Diogie's got you covered. Our fun and cozy pieces can be worn anywhere. You don't need to be a dog owner to help the cause!

And finally...
There are millions of shelter animals that need adopting. If you are looking to add to the family, please rescue! We're starting small with the goal that one day our donations to these shelters and foster organizations will be enough to really make a difference. The best shelter is an empty one.